Specializing in the development and manufacture of equipment for complete welded pipe plants

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In the pipe making company, we are experts in pipe making, and our products are mainly used in the manufacture of pipes in the fields of electric power, aviation, automobile, air conditioning, petrochemical, engineering decoration, etc. Due to their high precision, high efficiency and high quality year-on-year, they have become the quality choice of customers in the stainless steel market

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Our advantages

1.Sub-company of TAIWAN VEGA, professional manufacturer of pipe forming machines and moulds at Guangdong of China.

2.The equipment designed by 30 years of senior designers has excellent performance.

3.Resident engineers from Taiwan Vega will provide you with factory design planning and staff training.

4.Professional production, installation and after-sales service team.

5.Advanced processing center ensures high product quality.

Custom Procedures
Specializing in the Production of Metal Pipe Making and Forming Machines for Various Fields

Cooperative Process

We have an experienced team of engineers and a large service team. Provide online technical support and one-to-one service.

Quality Management

We have our own CNC machining center. All parts are designed according to the drawings, and the quality is strictly controlled. Unqualified products will be directly scrapped.

Lead Time Management

The monthly production capacity is no more than 20 units. We have a large warehouse for installation and inspection to check the quality, and will test the machines before sending out

Packing And Shipping

Your own CNC machining center controls the quality of your machines. Lower investment costs for your project

Capabilities for all manufacturing applications from raw materials to production
Specializing in the Production of Metal Pipe Making and Forming Machines for Various Fields

CNC machining center

The computer operates the machine and processes the product according to the drawing requirements to ensure product quality and accuracy

Metal cutting machine

Supports wide and large-format plane laser cutting, solves the side-bending deformation of plasma flame cutting and the problem of section taper cutting with plasma equipment, improves the production accuracy of products, greatly improves production efficiency, shortens production cycle, and improves product quality

Gantry machining center

Used for processing large workpieces of pipe making machines and workpieces with complex shapes

Vertical machining center

It can save process equipment, shorten the production preparation cycle, ensure the quality of parts processing, and improve production

CNC vertical lathe

Stable and reliable, fast and other advantages. In order to meet the processing of parts with certain special requirements, more custom functions can be added according to requirements to effectively improve efficiency

Sheet metal

Specializing in the production of metal tubes for various fields

Horizontal machining center

Deburring and flashing on the machined surface of parts

metal forming machine

Figure 1-Figure 7 Assembled equipment after processing

Processing Equipment And Quality Control
Specializing in the Production of Metal Pipe Making and Forming Machines for Various Fields
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